Riding the Waves of Change

Hello. Welcome to my realm. I am happy to be here and to be in communication with you. Your desires and efforts do not go unnoticed. There are many who are here with me and who applaud your sincerity as well as others throughout your world who are opening up to the light. We watch in our minds and on screens similar to your television how the world is lighting up (and lightening up) throughout this amazing time of your Earth’s evolution.

You and each person on the Earth at this time volunteered to be here for this momentous and exciting time. Your desires to be a light and help facilitate the Earth as it makes its way through the ascension process was made known and you came to play the role that you chose. Some have chosen not to wake up. Some have chosen to play a negative role in this time and some are to shine their light so bright and ride the waves of change into an exciting era of transition for your planet.

Just knowing that you made the decision to come here is important and can help one to endure the turbulence of the flight. A climber who seeks to climb Mt Everest or any other high mountain knows that he will face difficult circumstances along the way. Yet, the climber embarks on the journey anyway knowing full well what lies ahead. But the thrill of the adventure, the feeling of accomplishing a difficult challenge brings with it a sense of fulfillment that can only come from the experience itself.

Just like the climbers, you knew that the fulfillment that comes from transcending duality and riding the wave from a polarized system of good vs bad to a consciousness of oneness is far more significant than climbers accomplishing their goal of climbing the highest mountain peak. Like the climbers, you knew you would face hardships, but yet you chose to come. You also knew more about your plan and eternal destiny and recognized that this incarnation would propel you upwards through the path of light far more than any other.

In some cases, some individuals would experience an acceleration of spiritual progress equivalent to that of 1000 lifetimes. With this knowledge, you chose to face the danger, the negativity and the fear that pervades this planet to experience your own thrill and give your light to the planet that has been imprisoned for a very long time. You come at a time where the prison guards are being sent home, where the flow of love fills the earth and where people act in kindness to others.

There is a difference between living a complete lifetime in a higher dimension and experiencing a transition from a lower level of consciousness to a higher one in the same lifetime. In fact, the latter is far superior to your own growth. You are our heros. We salute you and cheer you on as you make your way through the dense & dangerous jungle and from our vantage point, we can tell you that the plush paradise that you have dreamt about is not far away. It is within your reach.

At this time, you sense your arrival coming soon and just like little children, who continue to ask the question, “Are we there yet?” you also do the same. Sometimes maintaining patience and staying in the present moment, not getting discouraged are difficult things to do because deep within in your mind & heart, you already know what its like to live in that paradise that you imagine and you long to return home, to be released of the negativity that enshrouds your life, the monotony of the daily routines that keep you locked in the 3D world.

Just know that every dream you have will be realized because you will have the ability to create it. For one person, the 5D world will be different than for someone else. The point is that it will be what you want. The idea of limitations and struggle and people, places and things that prevent you from accomplishing what you really want will fall away. In fact it already is. There is no need to worry about the Dec 21, 2012 date. It is approaching shortly and millions across the world are holding their breath to wait to see what this anticipated day will bring. Will it bring destruction, conflict, natural disasters, ascension, enlightenment, truth? Well, the truth is that it will bring what you want it to bring and knowing that and internalizing that truth gives you the power to wake up and decide what you want it to be for you.

Even now, your powers of actualizing your dreams are more potent than even 1 year ago. It appears that time is accelerating, but time is only an illusion and you are starting to see through the illusion and the imprisonment that you have been under for so long and for so many incarnations.

It is a time to celebrate and live life to the fullest… To take each and every day for the blessed day it is. While having one foot in a dualistic world and another in a world fill with peace & bliss may seem difficult, its important to maintain balance and take each day for what it is… A blessing and a chance to give thanks for the opportunity you have to be here at this time literally experiencing the thrill of a lifetime. Dec 21 will come and go and for those who are so focused on that day, it will be a disappointment, but for those who can see the big picture, these individuals will look at the process and realize that over the past x number of years, that they have evolved and are truly different people than they were before. They are more enlightened and their bodies are filled with light.

Well what about all of the bad people who control the planet, you ask. Will they be able to continue to implement their systems of control to keep us locked up? And the answer is “Absolutely Not”. Even at this present moment, their system of control is falling apart at the seams. They have even convinced themselves that this is not possible and they can do things to keep people locked up and while they will succeed to keep a certain portion of the population of the world ignorant and in fear, they have no way to keep the world from ascending. It is like an ant trying to stop a tidal wave. The tidal wave is going to win and the ant will either have to ride the wave or get killed in the process.

You have a lot to be grateful for. As you seek for continued guidance, we will be here for you ready to lend a hand. We have always been here for you. We love you and are excited to stand side by side and face to face in brotherly love. Even your most wonderful vision of the future has no frame of reference yet for the truly marvelous future that is in store for you. So why worry about 2012? Enjoy it and live your dreams. Experience love & let your light shine!

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