How Blaming Others Can Affect Your Ability to Manifest

Welcome. It is a pleasure to meet with you today and to convey some important messages related to the divine path of spiritual growth. You understand many important truths, but the vast knowledge that is available to you is so much greater than your current level of understanding can comprehend.

Obstacles to Manifesting Your Reality

In your 3D life, you become accustomed to certain beliefs, patterns, rituals & cycles that may seem difficult to escape. People go through their entire lives struggling to achieve some desired outcome, but yet lack the ability to overcome the limitations preventing them from succeeding. This knowledge and so much more is available to you now. Your ability to create your reality as you desire is one of the most important things you can do to accelerate your spiritual growth.

By doing so, you become a co-creator with God in manifesting the desires of your heart. As you examine the qualities of God, it is easy to realize that God’s abilities are unlimited. Do you think that He struggles with losing weight, manifesting abundance, finding true love or feeling confined with limitations that do not allow Him to manifest what He desires? Absolutely not. He has the ability to instantly manifest whatever it is He desires to create.

As co-creators with God, you are also learning those skills, but in a test environment. Your 3D environment now gives you an opportunity for growth that is unprecedented. Developing those same skills of manifestation in a 3D environment is more difficult because of the lower density & vibrations which move more slowly than when your wishes are inserted into the universal consciousness at a higher vibration. In a nutshell, there is more clutter and more obstacles that get in the way in the lower levels of consciousness.

Some of that clutter involves ego, lack of understanding of how the process of creation works, lack of love for yourself and others, fear, emotional scars that have not been healed and blaming others for your lack of success.

How Blame Plays a Role in the (un) Creation Process

Blaming others is one of the oldest games known to man. I call it a game because the assumption that others control your reality is false. Participating in this “Blame Game” causes you to be less empowered. You are essentially giving the control of your life over to other people who ‘supposedly’ have the ability to create undesirable outcomes in your life.

From a lower perspective, you may be inclined to cast blame when someone hurts you physically or emotionally or when someone makes a decision that acts as an obstacle to your desired outcome. Now, how many of us living on Earth have been affected in a negative way by the decisions/actions of others? I would venture to say that all of us have been in some way or another.

However, the important point to remember is that things that we see in our outer world are simply a reflection of what is transpiring in the Inner World. Holding resentments within us will only cause more of the same. As long as we continually vibrate the energies of ‘being hurt’, we will continually attract the situations where we will be hurt. The person who comes in to fulfill that role of ‘hurting you’ is not the person to blame. That person was the manifestation of what was going on within you.

A most effective analogy is the one of someone who looks in the mirror and sees something they do not like. Maybe they’re going bald, getting wrinkles, getting fat or not looking as good as they want. So because they don’t like what they see, they blame the mirror, because after all, it is the mirror that is showing them what they don’t like. Well, from this example, it is easy to see how silly it is to blame the mirror when the mirror is only a ‘reflection’ of the person standing in front of it.

The problem is that many of us spend our whole lives trying to fix the mirror instead of the source of the reflection. Blaming others is one of the biggest ways that we attempt to fix the mirror. The person who came in to fulfill the role is only helping to reflect back to you certain issues that need to be cleared. We can never get to the point of fixing the real issue if we are blaming someone else. We must take 100% responsibility of any undesirable outcome that comes into our life.

Taking 100% responsibility means that we are going to allow the situation to be cleared within us at an Inner Level. It means we allow love and light to come in and wash away the negative feelings that have occurred.

You see, problems are simply opportunities for growth, but yet it is so easy to get caught up in the “Who did this to me?” mentality. It is very possible that we will never know the divine reason why something ‘happened’ to us. So instead of ‘blaming so and so’, the best thing we can do is to find a way to forgive all of those who are involved, including yourself and ask, “What is the most effective way to clear this issue?”

The teachings of Ho’Oponopono that direct you to say “I love you”, “I’m sorry” “Please Forgive Me” and “Thank You” are some of the most empowering things you can say. These phrases allow true healing providing that the emotions of the words are felt as well. Having the deep knowledge that everything that happens, both Good & Bad fulfills a divine role in some way, even if it is only to experience forgiveness or some other lesson we needed to learn.

There are two paths you can take when something ‘bad’ happens. One is take the path of blaming someone else and the other allows you to clear it, learn the lesson, grow from it and move on. While many may be inclined to take the first path, it will always prove to be the most difficult because it doesn’t actually resolve the problem at the Inner Level and at a later time, whether in this life or the next, you will be given the opportunity to clear it again.

Now you may say, well there is no possible way that you were vibrating energy levels that would have caused all of the traumatic things that have occurred in your life. It is very likely you were not consciously thinking about them, however, there are a few reasons why negative situations occur in our lives:

1) On an unconscious level, we were vibrating at a level that attracted the outcome.
2) We had a soul level contract to go through that experience
3) The so called negative experience was really a blessing in disguise
4) There was something that we needed to learn
5) Some other reason

As mentioned previously, we don’t always know the reason, but we don’t have to know the reason. Know that whatever has happened can be turned into an opportunity for growth. The real master is the one who can bless the trials and thank God for those as much as the blessings. Doing so will allow you to live in the flow much more easily and experience an abundance of peace and joy that we experience in the higher realm.

Building Self Confidence

Selfesteem.jpgFor over 1 year, I have been working as an Internet Coach and have gotten to know many people on a personal basis. The people I have worked with are at many different levels. There are some who can be guided along and shown the steps to success and there are others who need to be pulled along. However, as I get to know people, I have gained certain insights as to the factors that stop success and one of those things has to do with a lack of Self-Confidence.

Building Self Confidence is something that doesn’t happen overnight, but it is often something that is overlooked in the context of improving one’s life. I would like to discuss this topic a bit and give some pointers as to how someone with low or no self confidence can start increasing it in order to experience more of what they desire.

First off, we need to understand that Self Confidence has to do with YOUR perception of yourself. Have you ever known someone who is overly critical of themselves, but if you were to ask 10 other people who know the person, you would get 10 different perceptions and most of them would not be as critical as the perception of that same person? How is it possible to have many different variations of perceptions when there is only one truth? This tells us that Perception Does NOT equal Reality. And when we start to feel negative about ourselves, perhaps a good question to ask would be if God would have the same perception. This helps to get us out of the inner drama that we have created and look at the situation from a higher perspective.

People who have a lack of self confidence are people who look at their limitations and translate those into negative emotions. Those negative emotions then affect many other areas of their lives because they feel “inferior” or “incapable” in some way. People who have self confidence know about their limitations, but they don’t allow their limitations to translate into negative emotions that affect their further growth. The fact is that everyone has limitations. Here are 2 examples of how a limitation can affect someone’s progress in 2 different ways:

I look too young, therefore, others will view me as not capable of holding any managerial or leadership positions.


I look young and youthful, therefore, others will have more respect for me because of my youthfulness and health.

The reason I use this example is because the former is a negative belief system that I experienced previously in my life. This negative belief system affected my self confidence. You can do this exercise for any limitation that you are experiencing. First, state the limitation, then add the remaining part of the sentence that describes how it affects you. In other words, I have this _______, therefore ________________________. After you have done that, then take the same limitation and find a positive statement that cancels out the negative. Notice that you are not removing your limitation, you are simply replacing your perception of the limitation to one of a more positive nature.

The other important aspect of Self Confidence involves Love of Self. I don’t mean this in an egotistical way that makes you want to have more and be more than others. Self Love does not involve comparisons. Stop comparing yourself to other people. If you get sucked into that, you will find that there are always people who are better off than you and there are always people who are worse off than you. You simply need to love yourself because you are YOU. You are the only YOU (and that is something special). God loves you unconditionally and you need to love yourself unconditionally as well. It doesn’t mean that you have to accept how things are, but that you need to not make your love of yourself dependent upon your success. Think about a newborn baby. That baby has done nothing of major significance, but yet the love you have for a newborn baby is so wonderful. That is unconditional love.

The next step in this process involves Gratitude. If you take every unpleasant situation and change your perception of it to something positive, then you will have self confidence. There is a silver lining in everything, even if it is simply to make us stronger or to teach us something, we can always find something positive. So start today to consciously make the change to think in a different way… in a way that truly brings you closer to God. By doing so, you will find greater self confidence and help you to experience more of what you truly desire.

Maintaining Balance in an Unbalanced World

balance.jpgIn ancient Greece, there are 2 sayings that were inscribed on the temple of Apollo in Delphi. One of which is “Know Thyself” and the other is “Nothing to Excess.” The phrase “Nothing to Excess can also be compared to the phrase “Moderation in All Things”. We all know from personal experience just how easy it is to get caught up in something at the exclusion of other important areas of our life. I would assume that practically everyone on the Earth today has felt like their life is (or was) out of balance at some time. The better question may be  what things are “In Excess” and what needs to happen to “Bring your Life into More Balance.”

Achieving and Maintaining Balance is, actually, one of the biggest
challenges facing people today. How many people do you know who claim to be “too busy”? Well, I don’t know about you, but EVERYONE I know seems TOO BUSY. There is the job, family concerns, errands to run, food to buy, people to talk to, repairs, play time, etc. When you add it all up, there is never enough time in a day to get everything done. Sometimes your job can be the culprit. Do you know anyone who works 10 hours or more a day? How much time does this person have for relaxation and attending to all of the various activities? Sometimes, everyday worries and concerns can
tempt us to get out of balance. We worry for this or worry for that and we find ourselves unbalanced mentally because all we’re doing is worrying. Or how about the person who spends all their time at the gym and they’ve got a great body to show for it, but they’ve neglected their family? On the opposite side, how about the person who never gets any physical activity? Or how about the person who spends hours upon hours everyday in front of the TV? Even certain kinds of foods taken to an extreme can cause imbalance in your body.

Balance is maintaining a consistent,
healthy lifestyle on a daily basis in mind, body and spirit, regardless
of your circumstances and situations. In other words, there is equal focus and attention given to each of the main areas of our life. Here are some tips for achieving balance in these different aspects of our lives: 

Balancing Your Mind

A balanced mind means that we are aware of where our thoughts are throughout the day. We consciously focus on the here and now. We are observant to the happenings around us, yet we are actively directing our thoughts to our task at hand. Many people allow their mind to wander
throughout the day. The wandering thoughts generally go to the past to mull over experiences or situations that made an impact in some way or another or they go to the future to events that represent hopes, dreams or fears of future scenarios. In the movie Napoleon Dynamite, I think the perfect example of someone who continually dwelt in the past is Uncle Rico, who constantly daydreamed about his days on the high school football team.

Yesterday is gone. There is nothing we can do to go back and change
what has happened in the past. We can learn from our mistakes, though, or
remember happy or satisfying experiences. These thoughts of our past can also trigger
depressive or sad feelings such as regret or guilt. Sometimes these feelings hold us back and stop us from letting go of the unresolved negative feelings. In this way, our yesterdays will impact our today’s in negative ways and we will remain anchored to the past.

Another way that we become unbalanced mentally is when we allow our thoughts to wander into the future. These
thoughts will cause feelings of anxiety, fear of the unknown and
unnecessary pressure. While it is important to maintain the belief and expectation that our goals will be realized, there is a proper way of doing this. For example, we can not act in the future. We can only act in the here and now. And sometimes the daydreaming of our future can steal the joy of the moment if we are worried about the future. The reality is that we can only take steps toward our goals one day at a time. Each day is a
gift, which is why they call it the present, an old saying that makes a
lot of sense! To attain and maintain balance in your mind, keep your
thoughts focused on the present. Trying to focus on everything that could potentially happen is a lot of stress to be carrying around. Find joy in the moment.

Balancing Your Body

Balancing your body involves exercising regularly, eating the proper foods in the proper amounts, as well as getting the proper amount of sleep along with other activities that contribute to an overall
healthy lifestyle. Twenty to thirty minutes of exercise each day is an amount recommended by many doctors and nutritionists as an optimal time period. At times, when people get too busy with work or other activities, sometimes they don’t get the exercise they need. But not
only are there many physical benefits, exercise also helps to balance the mind
and spirit also. Exercise releases natural endorphins that help your
body to relax and feel good. Walking continues to be one of the
healthiest forms of exercise, although there are many others that are also beneficial. I enjoy swimming. 

Monitoring food intake and becoming aware of the types of food that
your body needs and best responds to also helps you attain and maintain
balance. Vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts are all important parts of a healthy diet. A Nutritionist that I highly respect once defined “food” as the following: something that can be digested, assimilated and eliminated. Not everything we eat fits that criteria. Do you know how many types of chemicals have been added to our “food” supply since the early 1900’s? I’ll give you a hint… Its in the thousands and maybe tens of thousands. No wonder so many people are sick nowadays. For a good online source of quality health food products, check out True Foods Market or Manna Harvest.

Another important element in maintaining body balance is getting the proper amount of sleep each night. Most people suggest 8 hours, although this may be varied based on the needs of the person. I’ve known people who simply don’t need that much sleep and others who need more. Sleep is also a part of balancing your
thoughts. I have noticed that when I try to push myself too much and stay up too late, my days don’t go as well till I get enough sleep. In fact, most people do not get enough sleep and therefore are
unable to have daily balance or be as productive or effective to their
full potential.

In terms of other items that affect balance in this area, we can include drinking plenty
of water, limiting/eliminating the intake of alcohol, smoking, drugs and
minimizing exposure to toxins or other chemicals both externally as well as internally.

Balancing Your Spirit

Balancing your spirit will increase your peace and joy each
day. Everyone needs some “Alone” time where you can stop and listen to the insights that come through you. Spending time in meditation every day helps with. A spiritual connection will also decrease confusion and increase
clarity when things just do not make sense in the world and no one
person seems to have an answer. Many religions advocate prayer and I strongly believe that not only is there a God, but our God (or our Heavenly Father) loves us and wants to hear from us. We do not always get the answers we want, but we do get the answers we need, when we ask in faith.

Many people confuse spirituality with religion.
While they are intertwined, they are still separate. Religion can be a part of an individual’s spirituality, however it is
not the same thing. A person can be spiritual, but not participate in an
organized religion. Spirituality is a belief in a higher power and a desire to follow the will of that Higher Power. Most people refer to God, in this way. Religion is usually an organized group of people with the same set of beliefs. I have my religion, which I believe, but just because someone is a member of a religion does not mean that they are spiritual. Nor does regular attendance to a particular meeting (even though the meetings can help you learn to be more spiritual). The real test to your spirituality comes from who you become and how your relationship with God develops and improves over time. Reading Scriptures, such as the Bible, can help bring into our lives a closeness with our Creator and will help us to be more at peace, free of
anxiety, worries or fear.

Taking on too much, wanting to be “in
control,” or feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders are
signs of being out of balance spiritually. This will also impact your
thinking and your emotional well-being, as well as body balance.

Start now to assess your balance and experience life more fully!