Living Within the Flow

The No Pain, No Gain Paradigm

Engrained within the consciousness of mankind for many thousands of years has existed a belief paradigm that could be summarized with a common slogan known to many as: “No pain, no gain”. The idea behind it is that your sheer will and tremendous effort and struggle will give you the rewards you seek. This belief system is embedded within sports, educational systems, religion, politics, business and many other organizations.

As you dissect this particular thought form, you’ll find that it is built on a 3rd dimensional framework of duality. In other words, there is a level of opposition (or limitations) that must be encountered if you are to achieve your desired results. For example, an Olympic Athlete must exert tremendous effort, pushing his/her body to its limits and going through intense mental discipline in order to go faster, jump higher & endure more than the average person can do. This idea of struggle is almost perceived with a form of reverence. Even nations participate in this as one country goes to war to punish another country for its policies or wrongdoings (or to exercise its influence by trying to control another group of people). This paradigm promotes the agenda that there is always a winner and loser. Or from a religious point of view, a Heaven and a Hell or the good people and the bad people.

Here on Earth, there is no doubt that we have all experienced opposition in one form or another. Opposition can occur in the form of our own physical/mental limitations or it can appear in the form of other people who set up barriers to achieving your desired outcome. People who endure the struggle and end up ‘winning’ are considered successes. Yet for all of those who struggle and win, there are many more who struggle and fail, struggle and fail, struggle and fail, etc. These are the vicious cycles of self-defeat that keep us locked into duality consciousness and believing that we are less than what we truly are: Children of God. In addition, this vicious cycle engrains within us the idea that the only way to succeed is to push harder, study more, endure more pain, etc so that you can arrive at your intended destination.

Living in a world of duality is not a natural state of being. It is an artificial construct designed to teach us the lessons of separation. Through this experience, we learn many lessons that accelerate our spiritual growth. Every experience, whether good or bad contributes to our learning, joy and development throughout the eternities.

However, we live in a unique time of history. The world of duality is leaving and the world of oneness is coming. This transition does not happen overnight, but it has already started and many of us are currently experiencing symptoms of both worlds while going through this transition. We still feel the struggle associated with money, relationships, health, etc but yet we are waking up and seeing through the illusions that we have been placed under.

How the Synchronicities of Life Help Us to Live in the Flow

Within the higher dimensions, duality consciousness leaves and we no longer succumb to the artificial thought forms of the “No Pain, No Gain” mentality as well as the winner/loser, good/bad, light/dark belief systems. Removing the opposition from our lives frees up the flow of the universe as it interacts with our consciousness. For example, in the 3D world, lets say you have an idea of bringing an elephant into your backyard. Well, you are going to face some obstacles to accomplishing that. First, you will have to get a permit to be able to do so. Most likely, your house is not in a zone where having an elephant would be permissible, but even if it is, you will then have to figure out where to get the elephant, how to purchase it and then how to transport it to your backyard. Even if you succeed, you might encounter lots of issues with damage to your house and to other little pets in the neighborhood, not to mention the costs of feeding your large friend. ☺

In the 5th dimension, you make the intention of having a well-mannered elephant in your backyard and then it instantly appears because the limitations and opposing forces have been dissolved. There are no opposing forces to you manifesting the elephant. As Earth goes through this transition, what happens is that the speed of manifestation increases. Perhaps things that normally would take a longer period of time start happening faster, until at some point in the future, we will experience instantaneous manifestations for things that would have taken much more time previously.

Seeing the Synchronicities or Coincidences in life are simply ways in which we are being shown the Hand of God in our lives. They are indications that we are part of the Oneness and that the illusion of separation/duality consciousness is leaving. There is no such thing as a coincidence because when we become one with All That Is, then instead of having opposing forces keeping you from your intended outcome, you have ‘helping’ forces who want you to experience what you consciously and unconsciously desire.

An important point here has to do with our level of awareness. At this point, we are not yet able to comprehend all of our realities and existences as multi-dimensional beings. We think we know something, but we really only catch a tiny sliver of the information that is available. The more we grow spiritually, the more we start to see how much there is that we don’t know or comprehend. So our perception of what we think we want might be different from what our Higher Self sees that we want. The Higher Self knows more than what we know with our limited conscious mind. So, being able to release our ego and open up our awareness to another outcome or another way of getting to the same outcome is very important as we learn to live within the flow.

Have you ever had a time where things just seemed to click? Or where the path for you to accomplish your goal just fell into place as you went through the various steps that led you to your ultimate destination? This is what it is like to live within the flow. Sure, you still have to take action (at least for now), but so many times that action is easy, quick and you find yourself enjoying the process.

Any time you experience resistance to a particular path you are following, you are not living within the flow in that situation. Either your ego is pushing you in a direction that is not for your highest good or you have limitations/belief systems that are manifesting the opposition you are experiencing.

The first step to being able to live within the flow is to release your ego and to be okay with where you are right now. You most likely have issues you are ‘fighting against’. We all do. But understanding the role of duality consciousness and how it serves you and then realizing that the time we are living in is facilitating our abilities to live within the flow allows us to bless and release the opposition as we go with the flow and ask our Higher Self, “Now what is the best thing to do?”.

Mentally fighting and struggling with the undesirable situation only keeps you in the situation. When you are fighting against something or someone, you are locked in the 3rd Dimensional Duality Mindset. This is a cycle that we will repeat over and over until we get it. Just like a hamster running on a wheel in its cage, it will not go anywhere until it decides to get off the wheel (and then escapes from the cage) ☺.

Think about the negative cycles you are experiencing in your life. Are you fighting them? If so, you must stop fighting them and come to a point of understanding and acceptance of the situation exactly as it is at this moment. Only then will you be able to open yourself up to living within the flow as it relates to that situation.

When you release and surrender your ego, you can start to feel the change that occurs within. You can feel the peace even before you see the outward manifestations.

The second step is allow yourself to feel the emotions, vibrations, energies of the desired outcome with the caveat that you will allow that something different or better to come instead of your stated desire. This is the insurance clause in case there is a difference between what your lower conscious self and Higher Self wants. Sometimes we get what we want to our own detriment if we allow our Lower Self’s desires to supersede what is truly best for us.

The third step is to give yourself time for meditation and relaxation. While thoughts that lead to effective actions can come at any time, your abilities to manifest and be where you need to be, contact who you need to contact and say what you need to say will only be enhanced by tapping into the deeper aspects of yourself. Your awareness expands and you start listening to the subtle directions that your Higher Self gives you.

Just as in the movie Avatar, there is a Higher Self who sees more data and has more connections than we can possibly imagine. Living in the flow means to let this Higher Self do the driving and as we do so, we are going to experience the journey in a way that is much easier, fun and fulfilling!

Enjoy the Ride!